Everything we do at Balanced Wellbeing is designed to change the beliefs, perspectives, thoughts, feelings and energy that are blocking the path to perfect health, happiness and life fulfillment. There are a number of ways to facilitate this change. Some of these methods are listed below to give you a better understanding of the process.

*Transformational Life Coaching-
   Coaching is a powerful alliance between the coach and the client to explore, uncover and change belief systems within the sub-conscious that are causing negative effects in the client's life. Coaching is designed to create a safe space for the client to find their own answers from within themselves and then help them then decide what is working for them and what needs to be changed to facilitate the goals and desires they want for themselves. This is accomplished by the coach asking empowering questions and the client answering the questions with honesty, openness and a willingness to look more deeply within themselves. It is a very powerful experience to become aware of the beliefs and thoughts that we each hold within our own minds and then to be able to change them at will. Coaching offers a continual source of support, encouragement and accountability to help maintain focus on desired objectives. For more information on coaching go to www.ipeccoaching.com 

A Transformational Life Coach is someone who goes deeper into the beliefs, perceptions, stories and emotional energy in the subconscious that is blocking the way of what is desired.

As a Transformational Life Coach I teach a powerful process called Authentic Empowerment. This process helps women who have been everything to everyone, who put everyone in their life ahead of them, and in the process have forgotten who they are and what they want and have lost connection with their own vision for their life and overtime may have developed unresolved chronic health issues. I teach them how to discover and reconnect with who they authentically are and how powerful they are so they can create and build a life they love, so they can feel balanced, happy, fulfilled and in love with their life.

   ThetaHealing is a very powerful energy-healing technique. ThetaHealing is a meditational process that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing. A Theta state is a very deep state of relaxation ( the same state used in hypnosis) that allows us access to the subconscious mind. Through this access, we can remove negative, unwanted belief systems, thoughts and perceptions and replace them with more empowering, life affirming ones. Using ThetaHealing, we can change belief sysytems within one's DNA that will affect seven generations. For more information go to www.thetahealing.com

*The Stress Factor Process-
   This includes a one of a kind, comprehensive assessment that measures one's overall level of consciousness, awareness, energy and stress. There are 7 levels of energy or consciousness present in each of us at any given time. Our energy in each of the 7 levels can vary, meaning go up or down, through out our day. They can vary depending on our thoughts and feelings that we experience each day. The ELI (The Energy Leadership Index developed by Bruce D. Schneider )measures this energy and presents it in a way that we can determine exactly where an individual is not meeting their potential and why and where stress is present. It is a very effective tool to help us find and change the belief systems, perceptions and thoughts that are preventing the life and health one desires. For more information go to www.energyleadership.com  
* Energy Release Work-
  Energy Medicine is a powerful way to achieve health and wellness. Energy medicine works with the energetic fields of our bodies to correct imbalances that are causing illness. When the energetic fields are properly aligned and balanced, health can be restored. There are many different ways to work with energy. Visualization and meditation work, forgiveness work, future-self visioning work, as well as many others, are all very powerful techinques to rebalance the energy fields and restore proper health and wellness.
Be Happy - Be Healthy - Be Powerful
"When you first invited me to take the Energy Leadership Index Assessment, I was somewhat skeptical about what it would reveal. But after you presented me with the results and your explanation of what it all mean't, I was literally blown away by its accuracy and immediate application to my deepest concerns and goals in life. Not only has my personal productivity skyrocketed, but my interpersonal relationships are growing in ways I never thought possible. Thank you for this remarkable gift and for caring as deeply as you do. You are a blessing!"
                            - Stephen Crossly
Get Your Power Back
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Get Your Life Back!
Debbie Andrade, CPC, ELI-MP
Transformational Life Coach