Illness as a catalyst to a great new life
Any chronic illness can alter and change the whole direction of your life, if you let it. Illness has a way of forcing you to examine your life, your beliefs, what you hold dear and the way you see the world. It is one of the many purposes and gifts behind illness.When you can understand and accept the reasons behind your illness and what it is teaching you, you can then move beyond it and release it. There are many reasons why illness enters one's life. The journey is in discovering those reasons, listening to your higher inner self to guide you.

One of my favorite quotes about illness is as follows:

If Your Illness Could Speak, It Would Say..
  You have been living your life in a way that serves neither you, nor your divine purpose. You have put your priorities in all the wrong places. You have put everyone else first before yourself. You dishonor yourself all the time and withhold love from yourself.  You stuff your feelings, worry about the future, hold onto resentments and losses of the past and you will not forgive. Living life this way has caused your soul to become very sick and it has decided that it does not want to live any longer in this manner. This is a signal to change, this is your chance to heal.                                                          - Author unknown

This illness is challenging you to heal your wounds and traumas, to find your value, find your strength, find your voice, find your truth, find your purpose and find your true authentic self. It is time to stop dancing around your wounds, unhappiness and poor health and get down to serious work of healing and releasing all your inner pain and everything you are afraid of. It is time to get real, get honest with yourself. Don't give away your power to this illness, don't give your power away to doctors that say you can't be healed. Go within yourself and find your own answers, your own healing. It's time to take back your power over your health, your happiness and your life!

This is not an easy journey, but one that can save your life and your health. This is a journey of self-empowerment, self-discovery, self-awareness, of waking up to who you really are, of waking up your inner intuitive gifts and following them, of retriving your lost energy from the past, learning the lessons of your traumas and hardships and bringing your god given gifts to the present and move forward on a new path. No one can do it for you, there are no magic pills you can take and no shortcuts. You can not go around it, you must go through it. This is not a quick journey, it will take as long as it needs to take. You must keep going until.
When you are a child, you are taught all about the outer world that you live in. When you get sick, it becomes time to learn all about your inner world that you live in and heal your self from the inside-out. Balancing, harmonizing and healing all the inner aspects of your being, then balancing, harmonizing all of the outer aspects of your life, bringing your body, mind, spirit and life together in a healthy, balanced way. When this happens, nothing can stop you.

It is time to stand in your own power. It is time to empower yourself to take back your health and reclaim your life. Our bodies were mean't to be healthy, it is our natural state of being. Stand in your power and declare that it is your time to heal. It begins with a decision. Make the decision today to heal your body and reclaim your life. Then be 100% committed to this decision. It is incredibly powerful to make a decision like this and stand committed to it. When you do, all the forces in the universe will start to work together in your favor to assist you in this process. Expect that you will get well and settle for nothing else. It's a funny thing about life in that if you expect the very best outcome, you very often get it.

An illness like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Fibromyalgia can seem next to impossible to recover from, but it is completely possible and many people have successfully recovered their lives and health. Anything is possible when you have enough faith and belief in it. You are worth fighting for, you are worth getting healthy. What is stopping you? Reach out for help. Ask for answers. Ask to be shown the way out of illness. The universe is just waiting for you to ask. Gather up all your courage, determination and will and set out on a path today to recover your health. I am here to help assist you in that journey.

Remember, you are always one choice away from changing your life. When illness enters your life you have two choices. One is to be a victim to it or the second is to empower yourself to overcome it.

Carolyn Myss says that there are two types of people. The first is the one that asks " I have to do ALL that to get well?" and the second is the one that asks "That's ALL I have to do to get well?" Which one are you? Are you ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get well or are you the one that says that it is just all too much to do?

Make the decision today to reclaim your health and your life. You can do it! 

Be Happy - Be Healthy - Be Powerful 
"My journey with Debbie was educational, enlightening and empowering! After 5 years of dealing with chronic neck pain, I am free of what holds me down and enjoying my life again! Thank you Debbie for being such a blessing in my life!"
                                  - Dee Defillipo
"Debbie's innate ability to connect with what's really going on inside and help her clients bring that to the surface is extraordinary.  Debbie has helped me both personally and professionally and I can honesty say that I would not have accomplished what I have today if not for her guidance, patience and clairvoyant power!
                    - Jennifer Mentesana
"Every significant breakthrough is always preceded by a breakdown.
It's normally only in our times of greatest challenge that we step back and take a hard inventory of our lives, where we have been and where we choose to go."
                          - James Arthur Ray
Debbie Andrade, CPC, ELI-MP
Transformational Life Coach